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Fluorescent Picture Lights

DCF24-52 DCF24-52 This stunning satin nickel fixture is an example of fluorescent hardwire picture lighting. The 24” shade is ideal for lighting up larger sized art between 32” and 48” wide.

If you are interested in Contract Picture Lights (CPL Style), which are also Fluorescent, please call our attentive customer service office at 800-792-4457. Contract Picture Lights are made to order, sizes are 24”, 36” or 48”. They are plug in lamps, with curved arms, one at each end of the slim line style shade. This style blends the hooped arm look of the XL style with the SL style of having an arm at each end of the shade. They are not stocked; they are only made to order, on the custom production calendar, meaning a wait of about 4-6 weeks. They are made to order in any of House of Troy’s nine most popular finishes your choice of Black #7, #9 White, #51 Satin Brass, #52 Satin Nickel, #61 Polished Brass, # 62 Chrome, #71 Antique Brass, #76 Weathered Brass or #91 Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Perfectly lit pictures are quite often lit by fluorescent bulbs. Since accent lighting for pictures involves aesthetic considerations the quality of light produced by art lamps is of primary importance. Several of our lamps, mostly direct-wire types, come equipped with the fluorescent bulbs they need. Aside from the fine quality of the light produced by fluorescent bulbs, they are also energy efficient.

Most of our fluorescent picture lights are direct wire, a notable exception is the very popular ABF14-61 - a 14" Polished Brass Battery Operated Picture Light. The ABF14 style is also available in satin nickel. Regardless of the finish you choose, the adjustable horizontal arm allows you to adjust shade distance away from the picture -- from 5 inch - 7 inches. The ball swivel at the shade allows a finely tuned angle of the light upon the image. This lamp requires a F6T-5WW, a Fluorescent Warm 6 Watt bulb, which is included with your purchase. An advantage of fluorescent in a battery powered lamp is that fluorescent bulbs use very little energy compared to incandescent, so battery life is significantly extended.

Another popular model is DCF12-52, a direct wire model with a 12" shade in satin nickel. This style requires a fluorescent T5 bulb (not included with the lamp). This style seems to please customers whether they are looking for a classic or a modern lamp - it has such a flattering profile it seems to cross over to either category with ease.

Energy efficiency is one reason fluorescent bulbs are so popular. Depending on shade size our Direct Wire Picture Lights use various wattage T5 fluorescent bulbs, rated to last for about 15,000 hours, an outstanding example of energy efficiency. A 24" shade would use a 14-watt fluorescent bulb while a 12 inch shade might use an 8-watt fluorescent (wattage determines length of tube, T5 designates a particular shape of bulb). According to research the T5 bulb life is measured in years rather than months without significant loss of light quality. This translates into a dramatic reduction of frequency for both purchasing and changing bulbs.

Additionally, low wattage T5 bulbs have excellent color rendering properties. Slim fluorescent light fixtures are the thinnest linkable fluorescent luminaries on the market today. They are the light of choice for designers and architects for tight-space lighting applications. Consequently the picture lights designed for fluorescent bulbs benefit - these lights can be exceptionally thin, compact and light while providing brighter and more natural light and even energy efficient illumination. Additionally they do not require a warm up or cool down time.