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How Large a Picture Light Do I Need?


How do LEDs affect picture light size?

LEDs in general have a more targeted than other light-sources. So if you are purchasing a slimline picture light that uses an LED light source - just follow the same basic guidelines in the video and you'll be fine. However, if you are purchasing a traditional picture light with a 2" wide shade we recommend slightly increasing the ratio of picture light shade diameter to picture diameter - because, while the internal mirror of the shade will help with light disbursement, the LED light-source will still be more targeted.

What does CRI mean?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. The higher the number the better a particular light-source is for showing colors in their truest sense. Incandescent bulbs are rated at a CRI of 100 - which means incandescent bulbs are currently the best for artwork lighting. However, House of Troy LEDs are continually getting better, resulting in higher CRI.

Can I order a Customized Picture Light?

Yes! Perfect Picture Lighting has a special customer service to help you determine which customization options would work best for you. Custom picture lights can be the optimum choice for a one-of-a-kind picture light uniquely suited to your artwork, your dιcor, your lighting and electrical situation. Customization can range from as simple as a lamp being made with a longer cord, a different color cord, a different positioning of the click-switch, or as elaborate as a different size shade, for example the SL style can be custom made as long as 120+ inches! Other customizations such as mounting options and finish options are discussed in other FAQ questions below.

Can I order a Customized Picture Light in a Customized Finish or Color?

Yes, you might be able to get a lamp made in an alternative House of Troy metal finish or color which is not offered as a standard finish (although there are just one or two exceptions most finishes are possible for all styles). For example take a lamp such as the Direct Wire Classic style, the DC line is standardly offered in only two finishes, either polished brass or chrome, but you could have it made in any of the nine high quality House of Troy finishes, perhaps you would prefer it in satin nickel or satin brass, so you can get a customized finish if you wish to. Make sure to contact our customer service department and ask for Morna to help you with a customized light 800-792-4457.

Can Picture Lights Be Used on Book Shelves and Display Cases?

Yes! We have a surprising number of customers who call with this question. Custom Direct Mount arms are the perfect choice for plug in lamps which need to be mounted through drilled holes in wooden cases, book shelves, or as signboard lighting. I have also had customers who need to mount through ceilings and choose the special Custom Direct Mount option to maximize the reach, angle and attachment of the lamps. The Custom Direct Mount option allows a variety of choices of special mounting arms, at different angles and with different dimensions designed to maximize the beauty, functionality, ease of installation and use of picture lights as book shelf and display case lighting. There is a special form we can email you as part of your planning process, which allows you or your architect or designer to plan which dimensions would ideal for your Custom Direct Mounting arms.

What About Custom Mounting Options for Picture Lights?

Many customizations involve tweeks or major revisions of the mounting arms of a picture light. Adjusting the length, angle and extension of mounting arms can optimize the angle at which the light highlights the artwork. (See Custom Direct Mount FAQ above for a different type of custom mounting option.) I recently had a customer who needed a picture light that came out several inches farther, and lowered the shade several inches lower than the ordinary slim line mounting arms usually extended. This was because it was a very old, very tall oil painting, in an ornately carved high profile wooden frame. Since picture lights usually light downwards best within a 36 inch swath, the client needed the lighting to start at an optimum point on the artwork and extend down as far as possible. She did not need any of the frame to stand in the way of the lighting. Results were fabulous!

What is the timeline for a customized Picture Light?

Our specialized Custom Picture Light customer service can shepherd your custom order from idea to completion and keep you informed of its step by step process. Each custom made picture light is scheduled on a custom manufacturing calendar, and the normal wait time is from 4 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks.

What is the Pricing of a Custom Picture Light – Do They Cost Much More Money?

Believe it or not, most customized picture lights are not much higher priced than the closest similar stocked model House of Troy lamp. Many customizations are priced from $20 to $100 higher than the price of the base model of the lamp. Customized lamps are always based on existing House of Troy models, with simple modifications that make the lamp more useful to your situation. Each customized lamp price is individually quoted to you, and your full range of options is discussed before finalizing the design. It never hurts to ask for exactly what you want, and all quotes are free, and usually can be quoted to you that day or within 24 hours of your request. If you like the price and you are willing to wait the 4-8 week manufacturing period you will be the delighted owner of a one-of-a-kind high quality hand-crafted picture light made right in Vermont.